Radical Forgiveness Bucket List Worksheet

Radical Forgiveness
Bucket List Worksheet

It is obvious that we all stand to gain much by doing all the forgiveness work we can with those who are still alive, as well as on those who are now dead. We need to do it while we still have breath in our body and the mental capacity to remember who it is we need to forgive and why.

Another reason to forgive everyone and clear up any remaining issues with family and friends before you die is that it will give you a better chance of dying peacefully and without pain.

If you have someone in mind who died without healing an outstanding feud, disagreement, wound, or whatever else might have disrupted the love between you, you owe it to yourself and to that departed person to do the Radical Forgiveness process around that issue immediately. If you have someone with whom you’ve had a grievance who died without the grievance being resolved, you
owe it to them to use the tools of Radical Forgiveness to clear the energy once and for all, for all.

On the next page, make a list of all the people you need to forgive, including the perpetrators of any and all abuse if that applies. Exclude no one, even if, at this time, you feel anything but forgiving toward them.

Come back to this list to add anyone else that may come to mind. Make a commitment to do a Radical Forgiveness Worksheet and/or listen to the 13-Steps to Radical Forgiveness audio on each one.

My Radical Forgiveness Bucket List

Put down EVERYONE you feel has “victimized’ you in some way in your life — past and present. Think of it as a list identifying anyone who may have owed you an apology, or still does. Include them even if you think you have forgiven them and have no charge left on them and even if you think they had no intent to hurt you. They can be alive or dead. They may be people you know personally or someone like a politician, a celebrity or even a corporation. Your list is almost certainly to include one or both of your parents and probably God.
Note which process or processes you intend to do and then indicate the date you completed it. You might wish to journal the results of each one.