Preprogram Jitter

Preprogram Jitters Whenever we set out on a healing path that involves getting in touch with our feelings, even if only superficially, we frequently get the jitters. It is perfectly natural that we do. Here are two reasons why:

  1. If we have, up to this point, dealt with our feelings about certain issues by using one or more of the defense mechanisms like suppression, repression, denial, sublimation and projection, we are bound to feel anxious at the prospect of dropping our defenses and letting the feelings come to the surface. It means becoming vulnerable, even if only to ourselves. And that’s scary.
  2. We may already be aware of the strength and intensity of our feelings and fear that, if we allow ourselves freedom to express them, we may lose control or end up feeling much worse than at the beginning. We fear we might say or do things that could hurt people. We might also feel guilt and shame about having these feelings.

Both of these can apply to many feelings you may have towards your parents, so it is not surprising that you would have doubts and jitters about doing this 21-day healing program. You might feel that you’d be opening Pandora’s box.

It really isn’t that bad though, but if the doubt and fear are more than you know how to cope with, or you simply want to talk it over with a Radical Forgiveness Coach, we would recommend that you select a coach from those listed on the web site certified in coaching this particular program and book a session with them. One session might be all you need just to settle your doubts about doing it. On the other hand you might find it helpful to have a session or two during the 21 days as well. At the very least you would have someone to call if you did feel unsettled. Click here to see a list of coaches.

When you are ready to begin the 21-Day program click here.

Once you click to begin, you will enter the first unit. Please make a commitement to work only one unit per day. The clock will start as soon as you opt in and your emails will arrive every 24 hours. Be mindful of the time.There are several reasons an internet provider can block emails. If you do not receive the email, not to worry. The first page of every unit is a copy of the email that is sent.

(NOTE: It is important to do the units within the 21 days if at all possible. Procrastination is our subconscious way to prevent healing so press on even when obstacles get in your way. You can repeat the program on other people as often as you wish.)