Preamble to Module 6: Stage #4 – Reframing the Story

Welcome to Module #6, which is the big one in the sense that it deals with Stage #4, Reframing the Story. This is the element that marks Radical Forgiveness out as something totally different and radical in the true sense of the word. It turns everything we think we know about reality upside down. It asks us to go against everything that has seemed, up to now, to be the self-evident truth about how life works. It even seems to defy common sense. And, your mind will tell you that it’s crazy. What you’re going to learn in this module is:
  • 1 training videos: Video 1 — The Radical Forgiveness Reframe
  • 7 PDF files: Willingness is Everything, Binocular Vision, Framing the Event, Tapestry Analogy, Radical Forgiveness Bridge, Book Study Group Manual, and the Book Study Suggested Curriculum
  • 1 Video: Tapestry Analogy & Perspective
  • 1 PowerPoint Presentation: Two Worlds
Your Assignments for this module:
  • Watch the Video
  • Download and become familiar with all of the resource materials
  • Read “Reframing the Story” starting on page 285 of the Radical Forgiveness eBook
  • Start your Book Study Group – Book Study Group Manual and Suggested Curriculum
  • (Note: You have the option of recording yourself doing a presentation for review rather than a Book Study.)
  • Take the Quiz
  • As soon as you have completed the Quiz for this module, go to the next lesson for instructions on how to complete your 3-Letter Assignment.