Preamble to Module 5: Collapsing the Story

Welcome to this Module #5 which focuses on the 3rd Stage in the Radical Forgiveness process. Now, I’m sure you found a lot in the previous module to give you the belief in yourself that you can be there for a client, listen to their story in a totally no judgmental way, and to hold the space for them to feel their feelings. You’ll be fantastic, we know that.

What you’re going to learn in this module is:

  • 1 training videos: Video 1 — Collapsing the Story
  • 5 PDF files: The Quick Radical Forgiveness Worksheet, The Centrifuge Worksheet, Key Points in the Collapsing the Story Stage, Core-Negative Beliefs, and Transforming Core-Negative Beliefs
  • 2 Videos: The Spiral and Releasing Beliefs
  • 1 Online Program: The Centrifuge
  • Your Assignments for this module:

  • Watch the Video
  • Download and become familiar with all of the resource materials
  • Read Chapter 9 of the Radical Forgiveness eBook
  • Complete both a paper and online Centrifuge Worksheet
  • Take the Quiz