Preamble to Module 4: The First 2 of the 5 Stages of Radical Forgiveness

Wow, you’re really getting into this now, aren’t you? Are you excited? Can you see yourself being a Radical Forgiveness Coach already? I want you to know that we hold you in our minds already as someone who will be brilliant as a Radical Forgiveness Coach and that you will make a huge difference in the lives of many, many people. We here are very excited for you.

OK, good. So, here we are starting to get into the nitty-gritty of actually doing the work, so it gets even more exciting from here on in.

What you’re going to learn in this module is:

  • 1 training videos: Video 1 — The First 2 of the 5-Stages of Radical Forgiveness
  • 4 PDF files: The 5-Stages of Radical Forgiveness, How a One-on-One Session Proceeds, Feelings Checklist, and the Eyes Diagram
  • 1 PowerPoint Presentation: The Five Stages (Note: The PowerPoint presentations can be used by you in your lectures, classes, with clients, or any other way you would like.)

Your Assignments for this module:

  • Watch the Video
  • Download and become familiar with all of the resource materials
  • Read Chapters 7, 8 & 17 of the Radical Forgiveness eBook
  • Start planning your Book Study Group if you haven’t already (Note: You have the option of recording yourself doing a presentation for review.)
  • Take the Quiz