Preamble to module 3: The Soul’s Journey

While it is true that we do not have a clue what the Big Picture really is, it need not stop us from coming up with our own models, or stories, that seem to give some meaning to our lives. So, this is what you’re going to learn in this module:

    • 3 training videos: Video 1 —Your Awakening, Video 2 — The Soul’s Journey (Radical Karma), Video 3 — Early Wound Model
    • 4 PDF files: The Early Wound Model, Radical Karma Model, My Forgiveness List What Was Your, and Awakening Exercise
    • 1 Audio file: 13-Steps to Radical Awakening
    • 1 PowerPoint Presentation: The Souls Journey (Note: The PowerPoint presentations can be used by you in your lectures, classes, with clients, or any other way you would like.)

Your Assignments for this module:

    • Watch Video’s 1, 2, and 3
    • Download and review all Additional Training Resources
    • Read Chapter 6 of the Radical Forgiveness eBook
    • Create your own Time-Line
    • Complete your Forgiveness List
    • Complete the Awakening Exercise
    • Download and use the 13-Steps to Radical Awakening
    • Take the Quiz after viewing Video #3