Preamble to Module 12: Radical Self-Empowerment

Radical Self-Empowerment includes Self-Forgiveness and Self-Acceptance. If you could actually see your own thoughts and capture your deepest beliefs about yourself, chances are what they would paint would not be very pretty. You have been programmed by events and other people to think and believe in certain ways inconsistent with who you truly are. Guilt, shame, self-hatred and simply feeling unworthy keep so many of us from reaching our true potential.

  • 2 Training videos: Video 1 — Radical Self-Empowerment and Video 2 — The Radical Empowerment Worksheet
  • 2 PDF files: The Radical Self-Empowerment Worksheet and Susan’s Story
  • 1 Audio: 13-Steps to Radical Self-Forgiveness Audio
  • 1 eBook: Radical Self-Forgiveness
  • 1 Online program: Online Interactive Self-Empowerment Worksheet

Your Assignments for this module:

  • Watch Videos 1 & 2
  • Download and review all Additional Training Resources
  • Read pages 185-202 about the worksheet in the Radical Self-Forgiveness eBook
  • Read pages 166-169 about the Three Letters in the Radical Self-Forgiveness eBook
  • Read Susan’s Story
  • Download the 13-Steps to Radical Self-Forgiveness Audio
  • Complete the Online Interactive Self-Empowerment Worksheet
  • Make arrangements with 1 person to take them through the Radical Empowerment worksheet so you can complete your report in the final module
  • Take the Quiz