Preamble to Module 10: The Reframe

We’ve come to the end of the worksheet and a very important stage, reframing the story. This is where we get to cross that Radical Forgiveness Bridge from the World of Humanity to the World of Spirit. You open up to the idea that nothing wrong was or is happening, and there’s nothing to forgive… which is the essence of Radical Forgiveness.

So, what is it, and what constitutes a proper reframe? Well, when we reframe a situation we basically exchange one set of assumptions rooted in the World of Humanity (as in the victim story) for another set rooted in the World of Spirit.

It matters not whether the reframe is “true;” rather it is how we frame it with assumptions anchored in the World of Spirit that constitutes the test as to whether it is indeed a Radical Forgiveness reframe or not.

It is very common for people, even seasoned Radical Forgiveness coaches and graduates, to express their reframes in terms of having received a ‘gift,’ a ‘lesson’ or even a ‘healing’ that remain, to all intents and purposes, firmly anchored in the World of Humanity, even though they are dressed up in spiritual language. They nevertheless fail the test.

This module will help you help your client to pass that test.

Module 10 — The Reframe

  • 2 Training videos: Video 1 — The Reframe Statement, Video 2 — Proclamations and Final Steps to Finish the Worksheet
  • 2 PDF files: Reframe Language and The Quick Radical Forgiveness Worksheet
  • 1 Video: Worksheet Demo with JoAnn – Steps 16 thru end
  • 1 PowerPoint presentation: Defence Mechanisms
  • 1 Online interactive program: Online Interactive Radical Forgiveness Worksheet (Complete your worksheet.)

Your Assignments for this module:

  • Watch Videos 1 & 2
  • Download and review all Additional Training Resources
  • Do a Quick Radical Forgiveness Worksheet
  • Read Reframing the Story in Chapter 21 starting on page 285 of the Radical Forgiveness eBook
  • Watch the worksheet demo Colin does with his wife, JoAnn
  • Complete the Online Interactive Radical Forgiveness Worksheet
  • Line up 3 people to take through the Radical Forgiveness Worksheet
  • Take the Quiz