Preamble to Module 1: Introduction to the Course


Hello and welcome to the Radical Forgiveness Coach Training. We are delighted that you have enrolled in this program and feel very sure that you are on the road to making a huge difference in peoples’ lives being a Radical Forgiveness Coach. So, let’s get you started!

Module 1 contains a wealth of material which you will find on the next page.

  • 3 training videos: Video 1—The Radical Living Coach Training Program, Video 2—Scope of the Training, and Video 3—What is Radical Living? We also included two extra videos: For Those on a Quest and The Vest Story
  • 7 PDF files: The Evolution of Radical Forgiveness, Assumptions & Definitions, The Three Questions We Ask, Structure of the Whole Course, Jill’s Story, Client’s Aspirins Vitamins Waiver, and a 90 Day Planner Week-by-Week.

Your Assignments for this module, which you’ll find in the Material tab & Topics below, are:

  • Download the 90 Day Planner
  • Watch Video’s 1, 2, and 3
  • Watch the video, “For Those on a Quest”
  • Read Jill’s Story or Chapter 1 of the Radical
  • Forgiveness eBook
  • Download and become familiar with all of the resource materials
  • Take the Quiz after viewing Video #3