Preambe to Module 9: If You Spot It, You Got It!

This module is all about projection and mirroring. It may be a new concept for you, or you might be very familiar with how this is done. This is the part of the worksheet where your client may say, “Not me!”

I encourage you to become very familiar with these steps as this sets up an important stage of the worksheet, which is collapsing the story. That one we go over in module 10.

  • 1 Training videos: Video 1 — Recognizing a Healing Angel When You See One
  • 3 PDF files: The Split Human, Projection, and Defense Mechanisms
  • 2 Video: Projection and Mirroring, and the Worksheet Demo with JoAnn – Steps 10 thru 15
  • 1 PowerPoint presentation: Defense Mechanisms
  • 1 Online interactive program: Online Interactive Radical Forgiveness Worksheet (I suggest you only complete steps 10-15.)

Your Assignments for this module:

  • Watch Video 1
  • Download and review all Additional Training Resources
  • Review Chapter 7 in the Radical Forgiveness eBook
  • Read Chapter 21 of the Radical Forgiveness eBook
  • Watch the worksheet demo Colin does with his wife, JoAnn
  • Take the Quiz