Introduction & Instructions


The more we read about the nature of grief, the more it encompasses. We think of grief mostly in relation to our having lost a loved one through death, that being the most painful manifestation of it, but grief extends out to broader horizons too.

Grief is an intense form of sorrow at having lost something precious and meaningful that we were deeply attached to. It can also be sorrow about having been denied something or regret about not having had the opportunity to experience something wished for or expected. It is at the root of much sadness that people feel.

Grief is the kind of sorrow that bores its way deep into your heart and never leaves. It shapes you if you let it. It can own you if you let it. It can destroy you if you let it. And yet, we must allow ourselves to have it. More on that later.

While we acknowledge the considerable breadth that the concept of grief covers, we decided that this online program should be narrowly cast, focusing exclusively on the kind of grief that comes upon the death of a loved one.

We even exclude the death of a pet, though that can be excruciatingly painful as well. We may offer a separate one for a pet in the future, but this program is specifically designed to help you deal with the loss of someone who was important to you.

So read through the instructions first, then go to the next module and begin the program by watching the video that sets the tone, tells you what to expect and how to pace yourself in going through it.

Here is some basic information about the tools that are included in the program. You are going to be doing some personal research on yourself that will come in handy later on in the program so take your time on this work and be honest with yourself. Denial is another one of the saboteur’s tricks to deny you success. Dishonesty is another. So be brutally honest with yourself at all times throughout this program.

There are no rules about how you allocate time for the program but it is designed to be done smoothly over a period of two weeks so we recommend that you pace yourself carefully. Don’t go mad at it at the beginning and then after losing momentum, leave it all till the end.

The program itself is very structured. It will only let you proceed module by module. Each module becomes active only when you have completed the one before it. Once you have completed the program, all modules will be available for you to come back and work again, at any time you need them.

Now, here’s a question to think about – To Print or Not to Print
Most of the worksheets will give you the option to print out what you have entered. However, if you worry about privacy, you might need to think about it. If you do print them out, take care to put them where they won’t be found. In my opinion, there is no need to keep them because once you have done the work, the energy has shifted. So they really have no further value. What you can do, if you like ritual is to burn them. That kinda symbolizes your letting go of the pain.

Each of the worksheets included comes with a set of detailed instructions on how to use them. As you progress through the modules, these worksheets will be available to you to utilize as issues and revelations are revealed. The worksheets need to be used frequently to be really effective, so get into the habit of using them regularly. The modules for each section are listed below so you can see what lies ahead.

List of Modules

Introduction & Instructions
Preprogram Jitters
Where Does it Hurt?
Safety Valves
Where Am I Now?
Assumptions of Radical Forgiveness
Reactions to Radical Forgiveness Assumptions
Radical Forgiveness in Practice
The Radical Grieving Assumptions
Reactions to Radical Grieving Assumptions
Radical Grieving in Practice
The 13 Steps to Radical Grieving
Your World View
Your Radical Grieving Assignment
The 13 Steps to Radical Grieving (again)
The 13 Steps to Radical Forgiveness
What to Do After the Program
Additional Support

Radical Forgiveness Coaching
We understand that choosing a coach is a thoughtful choice. The coaches and practitioners listed on our website welcome your questions. 

Currently active and certified RF Coaches and RF Therapy Practitioners are listed by state and country. Call individual coaches to inquire about their fees and a full range of offerings.

Support Group
Doing any sort of self-help program on your own, no matter how easy the actual process appears, is difficult. Doing this with someone else or as part of a group makes it a lot easier. We suggest using the internet to create groups that can provide mutual support.