Introduction and Instructions


It is very difficult to navigate through life if you don’t really know who you are, where you are going, and how you’re going to get there. It is also necessary to know where to get the provisions, tools, and navigational aids for your journey of awakening so you are sustained properly and well guided.

Almost all of the exercises that follow in this program are designed to enable you to discover and awaken fully to who you really are. However, as you progress through the course, it is likely that you will develop a desire to go further and take other courses that would be beneficial.

We shall offer some pointers, without any obligation whatsoever, of course, as to what you might do next to continue raising your vibration. And, suggest what other programs of ours might be most beneficial for you. Where you might need more work, based on the data you enter as you go through this program will show up in the final report. So, you will have a lot of information to go on.

The captain of a ship sailing the oceans of the world needs to know his ship well if he is to steer it away from rocks, survive storms, wind, high seas, and arrive at his intended destination. He also needs to know where to get the provisions, tools, and navigational aids so he and the crew are properly sustained and expertly guided.

You are the captain of your own ship sailing the high seas of life with all its uncertainties, risks, hidden rocks, and ever-changing waters. You need to know as much about yourself as possible in order to get the most value from this often tempestuous voyage we call life. You will, also, require many resources and skills to make it through.


Your Vision
You need a vision for your life that comes from knowing who you are, what is meaningful in your life, and what it means to be fulfilled and happy. Just as it would be a poor captain of any ship that steers his vessel by observing its wake, so you need to look to the future, not the past for how to be. One can learn from the past, but one should not be ruled by it.

You’ve come a long way already, and I’m sure you’ve learned a lot about yourself. No doubt you’ve had some hard knocks along the way as well as some great successes. You are still here. That, in itself, is an achievement! You must have been doing some things right even if it has involved a lot of trial and error.


Understanding Yourself
However, there is always more to learn, and the more you know and understand about yourself, the more enriched your life becomes. That’s because more of your life experiences begin to match the truth of who you are. In other words, when you have a profound and well-anchored understanding of who you are, you project that energy out to the world.

Through the Law of Resonance, the world out there begins to match your energy. More of what turns up in your life is in alignment with who you are. You become a cause in your own life and everything begins to work better with less trial and error. The right kind of opportunities opens up for you. You attract those people into your life who bring you what you need, as well as provide opportunities to use your skills and talents in service to others.

There are many external pointers that can help you know more about yourself. They include such things as personality profile tests like Myers-Briggs and the Enneagram Instrument. As well as others you might use on a fairly regular basis, like astrology readings, numerology sessions, psychic readings, and so on. You may have tried some of these.

However, this program is not about any of these standardized external means of knowing who you are, as interesting and useful as they might be. Any one of them could take hours to introduce, let alone have your experience. And, in any case, they all have the same limitation, in my experience.

The standardized personality tests are meant to cover everyone so the information they provide may be useful in a general, broad-brush sort of way. However, much of it still doesn’t feel true for us as individuals. They are so generalized that they never seem to quite fit. Even the questions they ask in order to help categorize us can be answered in many ways.

The individualized, subjective interpretations of you by others – i.e. psychics, astrologers, numerologists, face readers, palm readers, etc., are also generalized to a large extent. They are open to wide interpretation, so the information given often doesn’t fully match who you are.


View Yourself from the Inside
The only person who really knows you is YOU. This program is about how to view yourself from the inside. It invites you to make a rigorous self-inquiry about who you are, based on your personal history, subjective experience, and intuitive inner knowing. Then it will invite you to envision who you might become.
It asks you to examine how you typically think, feel, and act in many different ways, so you become aware of who you really are as opposed to how others have defined you. Not just other people, but the culture you live in and are part of. It helps you get clear about those ways of being, acting, and feeling that are genuinely yours and those that are not. The program takes you through a number of self-inquiry exercises that will enable you to discover and to look, without judgment, at how you show up in the world.


These exercises will help you to see how you:
– Project yourself to others
– Sell yourself and your special skills and talents
– Nurture yourself
– Remain true to yourself when facing difficulties or moral choices
– Believe in yourself
– Live your dream
– Defend yourself against physical and emotional attack
– Restrict yourself with limiting beliefs and fears
– Delude yourself by telling yourself lies; denying reality
– Sabotage yourself just to be right about your beliefs about yourself
– Distract yourself and lose yourself through addictions, iPhones, sex, and the need for approval
– Give your power away by being co-dependent and having weak boundaries

These exercises will help you to see what is:
– Your winning formula that gets your needs met
– The archetype you most identify with and whom you like to model yourself
– Your world view, biblical, religious, and/or metaphysical
– Your social class identity that you were born into
– Your ethical core and basic value system and which principle is your strongest
– Your core talent or skill
– Your passion
– Your vision for your life
– Your life purpose

Finally, the program helps you decide which behaviors, ways of thinking, beliefs, and attitudes do not square with your true authentic self. They can then be lovingly released and replaced by ones that do.



All information you enter into this program is secure. No one has access to it but you, so it is important that you fill in all the blanks and answer all of the questions. If you don’t, your final report will be incomplete. If you haven’t filled in all of the blanks, you may not understand what is needed.

Suggestion: Have a notepad and pen by your side to take notes as you go along. This will assist you when it comes down to Quiz time!

Time Duration of Course: Approximately 2 Days



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