Assumptions of Radical Forgiveness

We are Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience.

When I first heard that, I thought it was just a cute saying; but then, when I really thought about it I realized what a profound statement it was. First of all, it confirmed that we are essentially Spiritual beings still connected to the All That Is, and that we have actually made a conscious choice to come to this planet and take on a body — for a reason, and I’ll come to that reason in a moment.

It also seems to negate the idea that we are fallen and separate from the All That Is — the Source of All Being. God if you like. On the contrary, I believe we have come here with God’s blessing to learn some important Spiritual lessons and that we shall return home when we are complete and ready to let go of our bodies.

These two worlds are not separate places; they just have different vibrations. To be in a human body we have had to lower our vibration enough for energy to show up as physical form. And our 5 senses give us an awareness of that physical world — the world of humanity.

The world of Spirit is also present in our lives, but for the most part, we are not aware of it. It is too subtle an energy for us to have an awareness of it. And besides, part of the agreement we made when we incarnated into this human plane of existence was that we would forget all about the world of Spirit, at least for a portion of our lives.

You could say that we agreed to have Spiritual amnesia. This was necessary so that we would believe that the world of humanity was the only real game in town and that we would play the game we came in to play, as if it was real. Otherwise we would not get the value out of it. We might choose to pass on certain lessons if we knew what they were beforehand.

However, as is indicated here on this slide, while your Ego knows nothing about the world of Spirit and is totally invested in making the world of humanity the only reality, your soul knows everything. It knows the whole set up, why you are here, and what lessons you came in to learn.

You may have heard the line that the last one to discover water is likely to be the fish. The idea is that when you are fully IN something, it’s hard to appreciate it, or even be aware of it. When we are existing in oneness, which is how it is for us in the world of Spirit, we have little real awareness of that.

So, we have come into this world of duality, where everything has an opposite, in order to experience separation. Only then will we be able to appreciate oneness. It’s that simple.

But it is not enough simply to know separation as an intellectual experience. We want to FEEL separation and to do so in many different ways – abandonment, betrayal, abuse, discrimination and so on. It’s whatever the curriculum is we have chosen. But in order to have feelings we need a body. It would be impossible without one. So there you have it. We’re Spiritual beings having a Spiritual experience in a human body — dedicated to having the emotional experience of separation so we can fully appreciate the truth of oneness.

Well for sure, it certainly looks random and chaotic, doesn’t it? And life often seems meaningless and without purpose or design, right? And most of the time it comes down to being a matter of luck or chance. But the truth is that, underneath it all, it’s a wholly different story. If you’ve already seen the tapestry analogy, you’ll know what I mean.

Anyway, the point is that even though you don’t know it, your life is totally purposeful in every way. If you could only see the big picture, which you can’t, you would understand that it’s all perfect.

But don’t imagine that the divine plan is a fixed thing. It is not. Yes, we’ve probably come in with a lot of things pre-planned, but we also have free will to change and adjust our plan as we go along. And we do make adjustments, oftentimes with a lot of guidance from the other side. That means the plan is always changing at every moment. But it’s all good — even if it doesn’t seem like it.

True, we have come to Earth school to learn lessons and to grow spiritually, but we do have control over the curriculum. Actually, it’s our soul that does. Not our Ego. Our Ego doesn’t even know it’s a curriculum. It just thinks that life is purely a matter of ’shit happens.’ But no, it’s true, our soul creates our life as a way to learn and grow, and in that sense we get precisely what we want.

It’s our choice — our soul’s choice. Once we begin to understand that this is life as it really is, as opposed to the way we normally see it, then we can let go of our resistance to life and experience it more joyfully, no matter what is happening. Look at the next slide and you’ll see what I mean.

This is both bad news and good news. First the bad news — or so it seems at first. The principle here is that “if you spot it, you got it.” Whatever you see in another that you find unacceptable, is simply a reflection of the part of you that you can’t stand. It’s your own self-hatred that is being mirrored back to you. Bummer!

You have buried that part of you in your shadow side, and it is toxic energy; so, in order to try ridding yourself of it, you project it onto someone else – someone who seems to carry a lot of that quality you are denying about yourself. A scapegoat. In other words But projection is not the real solution. The toxic belief about yourself still remains within you. Bummer again!

Now, here’s the good news. When you realize that you are looking in the mirror and that what the person is doing is giving you an opportunity to forgive yourself and love the part of you that you have rejected, and projected onto them, you realize that this person, though he/she or it might look like an enemy, he/she or it is actually your healing angel and that you have attracted him or her into your life precisely for the purpose of healing. That shift in perception changes everything.

Our mission or soul contract is all part of the Divine Plan for our life. However, the idea here is that we made an agreement before we incarnated to do certain things that would contribute to the raising of the consciousness of the human race. It is this that gives us our sense of purpose in life. If we ignore our real purpose and don’t use the gifts we were given to help us fulfill our mission, then we usually feel frustrated, sad, unfulfilled and depressed. Often it is not until later in life that we feel driven to do what we came in to do. If you haven’t discovered it yet, don’t worry; it is never too late.

Just as we bring people into our lives to reflect our self-hatred and shadow material, we also use our Spiritual Intelligence to create dramas that reflect our core-negative beliefs about ourselves and the world.

Actually it often seems that we tend to create the most drama when we begin the process of awakening. You may have noticed that your troubles really got serious the moment you decided on Spiritual growth. Well, this is so we can finally become acquainted with those beliefs and begin the process of letting them go. Once we see the pattern, we can then transform those old beliefs and open up to the reality of what is.

This fundamental Spiritual law is the basis of all relationships. No matter whether it is a one-time fleeting interaction with a person you will never see again, or a long-term personal relationship, all relationships, both good and bad, are for healing. That is to say, we attract people into our lives to continually mirror back to us our misperceptions about ourselves and the meaning of our lives, so we can at some point change our minds about those beliefs and wake up.

This is simply an extension of what I said on the previous slide and the earlier one on projection. Whatever the upset appears to be, whether it be with a spouse, a boss, a person who jostles you on a train, a politician you just can’t stand or even someone who commits a serious crime against you, the principle is the same — that within every situation, and in every relationship dynamic, there is a divine purpose.

We’ve already covered the concept of mirroring, but what does it mean when we say that the purpose might be to keep us on track with our mission?

Well, I think we all come into the life experience with an intention. That’s what I mean by our mission. It might be to learn a particular lesson, to balance certain energies, to bring about a healing for the collective and so on.

Now, because we agree to forget all about why we chose to come here as a human being and what our existence was like prior to our incarnation, our mission is not consciously known to us. So it is up to our Spiritual Intelligence to make sure that what we do in life is in alignment with that mission. If it notices that we are getting off track with it, our Spiritual Intelligence will use other people to bring us back on purpose so that we will eventually fulfill our mission.

This is saying that objective reality out there is not as real as we think it is. Neither is it as objective as we like to think it is. Quantum physics tells us that subjectivity and consciousness play a big part in the creation of the world out there, and that much of what we see is our own consciousness projected onto the screen of life. An illusion. By that I mean it’s like our mind is a movie projector, projecting a movie onto the screen. But we have come to believe that the screen is reality and wonder why we can’t change it. Well, we can’t change things by throwing rocks at the screen. It is the movie itself that has to change.

Your life is such a great mirror. It is common knowledge that our thoughts and beliefs create our circumstances. If we believe we are worthless, people will automatically treat us this way and life will reinforce that belief for us. If we believe people will steal from us or cheat us, guess what will happen? It’s Spiritual law. It’s the Law of Attraction and the Law of Resonance in action.

That might come as a shock to some people. I hope it doesn’t offend. I realize it might if you have just lost someone. And let me hasten to add that this is not to say that grief is inappropriate. Grief is about loss, and in the case of death, it for the loss of someone near and dear to you. That is to be felt and honored. However, knowing that death is not real changes our perceptions about death and our reactions to it.

You don’t have to believe a word of it. It works anyway!