Assessing My Relationship

The audio file above is from a webinar originally broadcast February 13, 2014. It is a good resource for completing the Relationship Assessment Questionnaire in this module and you can pause it at any time by clicking the bars on the left side of the player.

Relationship Assessment Questionnaire
This questionnaire is directly related to the content of my book, Expanding into Love, A Handbook for Radical Living, but is at the same time, a stand-alone tool that you can use to assess your relationship as a prelude to having discussions with your partner about what you both might need to do to improve the relationship or let it go. Ideally, your partner should do this exercise concurrently, but without conferring until both of you have completed it and you have set time aside to go over each of your worksheets. If your partner is unwilling or if you are not currently in a relationship and thus you are doing this in retrospect, then you will have to rely on your own assessment of how your partner might have answered.