After the Awakening

Things we Need to do After our Awakening
to Continue Expanding in Love

Preamble: The vibrational shift we suggest occurs once you have awakened does not happen automatically. Nor does it happen instantly or without you doing a lot of inner work.
All the old habits of thinking and ways of being associated with old paradigm consciousness need to be dropped and new ones established. This is not an easy transition to make. It’s all too easy to get drawn back into what was familiar. It’s a bit like a reformed alcoholic who stops drinking but just becomes a dry drunk. Nothing really changed. In other words we can kid ourselves that we are awake but make little or no real change in our consciousness.

Come back to this module regularly for inspiration and motivation. Or, take one or two of these points as theme for your day or week.

Commit to doing the following and check each box. We have given you some space to do some journaling or write your thoughts and experiences.