A Relationship Patterns Quiz

Preamble: It is a very good indication that you have a particular issue you need to work on if you notice that there is a pattern occurring where you seem to be attracting the same kind of experience over and over again.

The main thing to understand is that it is not an accident. There has been a purpose in you creating this pattern. For example, you may have come in to the life experience with the intention to experience this particular pain of separation over and over as a way to balance some karma. Or it may simply be that having experienced it once early in life, your Higher Self decided to leverage it in order to easily create more pain of separation.

However, since you are now awakened or at least in the process of awakening, there is no need for this pattern to continue. Doing the forgiveness work on any one of the incidents will serve to eradicate all of them since it is the same energy field that sustains them. Collapse that energy field and the pattern will stop.

If you can’t see a pattern, that’s fine. It is not always visible. Just go on to the next page.