A 3-Day Journey to Freedom, Peace and Happiness

Now is the time for you to complete A 3-Day Journey to Freedom, Peace and Happiness Online Program. The 3-Letters Process is one of several tools listed and explained in my book Radical Forgiveness, Making Room for the Miracle, written back in 1997. Not realizing then just how effective this process would prove itself to be, I had only devoted two pages to its description in the book. In one sense that was sufficient because it is a simple process and could, in fact, be described in just two pages. But it was not enough room to give testimony to what has been proven since then, that this process is one of the most powerful tools in the range. Had I really understood that fact, and had known at that time what I know now from the feedback I get from those who have used it, that chapter might easily have run to 10 pages. It is for this reason I have up leveled it to a fully interactive online program called 3-Day Journey to Freedom, Peace and Happiness Online Program. It not only guides you very carefully through writing all three letters but includes live interaction with a Radical Living Coach who listens to you read them and gives you support. Course Structure It is very important that the modules be worked in order to have the best impact. The program is designed to walk you through the processing in a way so you experience all 5 stages of Radical Forgiveness. As tempting as it may be, looking ahead before finishing each module can jeopardize the effectiveness of the program. You will see that each module offers a video, a transcript of the video and an audio version that you can put on your phone or tablet if you wish. We recommend that you watch the video first and either follow the transcript as you go or read the transcript afterward. Download the handouts before beginning each module. Not every module has a handout. Some have more than one. The program includes your entitlement to have one of our Radical Living Coaches assigned to you to whom you read your letters, just to have them witnessed and validated. They won’t tell you how to write the letters. We want the program to do that. This is all explained in Module #3. Navigating the Program Module #1 will help you get clear who you want to forgive using this process and to assess how much energy you have around this person. Make a forgiveness list, but you do the 3 letters on just one person at a time. You will list all those who have done something to you that hurt or damaged you in some way, emotionally or physically. Even if you think you’ve forgiven them, put them on the list. COMPLETE IT BEFORE PROCEEDING. Module #2 gives you the basics underlying the theory and practice of Radical Forgiveness, including the five stages. You need to have this understanding for the program to make sense and to guide how you write each of the three letters. Module #3 explains the logic behind the 3 Letters process and how it relates to and follows the five stages of Radical Forgiveness. You are also told that you are entitled to have a coach assigned to you who will listen to you read your letters as a witness and how to contact a coach. ACTION STEP: When you feel comfortable that you have spent enough time with modules 1-3 to have understood the nature of the work involved in writing the three letters, and when you fully anticipate having enough time within the span of the three days required to complete the three letters, you identify the coach you wish to hear you read your three letters and contact him or her. NOTE: The system will not let you go any further until you have made contact and scheduled times with your coach to read your three letters. Module #4 provides some stories which provide the context for the sample letters you will find in Modules, 5, 6, and 9. Module #5. (Day 1 – send it and read it.) This module gives you instruction in how to write the first of the three letters. You write this letter on Day 1. Send your letter to your coach at least an hour before you’re scheduled to read it aloud, and then contact him or her to read it. You have two letters given you as example to help you craft your first letter. You must not write the second letter until Day 2. It is necessary to do the letters around 24 hours apart but no more than 48. Module #6. (Day 2 – send it and read it.) This module gives you instruction in how to write the second of the three letters. You write this letter on Day 2, e-mail a copy to your coach and then contact him or her. Again, you get two sample 2nd letters relating to the stories in Module #4. ACTIVITY (Module #7): This is an online program that takes you through an exercise to determine what interpretations you added to the story. It’s called The Centrifuge Online Program Module #8 analyzes the data gained from the Centrifuge exercise and makes a distinction between pain and suffering. Module #9 (Day 3 – send it and read it.) This the fake-it-til-you-make-it letter – the Radical Forgiveness reframe letter. We help you put it together by giving you some language you can use in writing this letter. To proceed, complete each of the steps below.
  1. Access the 3-Day Journey to Freedom, Peace and Happiness Online Program by clicking on the Online Tools and Programs menu item above. Click the name of the program to open it. It is on the bottom of the right side of the menu under Paid Premium Programs.
  2. Once you have completed the 3-Day Journey to Freedom, Peace and Happiness, download the template provided below. Complete it providing the dates your letters were witnessed and what insights you received from this exercise.
  3. Click the upload button to send us that report.
  Once you have uploaded your report you will be able to proceed to Module 7. Click here to download the 3 Letter Report