7. What is My World View?

How you see the world, and your place in it, is an important aspect of who you are spiritually.

Bear in mind that we are not just physical. We are an amalgam of mind, body, and spirit, so we need to consider the whole.

Your worldview is not a static thing. It changes all the time as new ideas come into your experience, but big changes can be difficult to integrate and may be challenging, at least for a while.

Obviously, since your worldview is the sum total of all the ideas, attitudes, beliefs, preferences, values, and prejudices that you hold about life in general, it has to have come from somewhere. Not only do you learn it from your parents, but the worldview that you grow up with is constructed according to the values of the society that you live in, including the religious beliefs and institutions contained therein, even if you don’t personally attend one or believe. They still have an enormous input on how we all see the world.

Six World Views

1. I take a rather scientific/secular/rational view of life. I think that human beings are simply part of the evolutionary spiral and that like every other animal on the planet, we are born; we live, and then we die. Yes, there’s a lot more to it than that, but that’s more or less it in a nutshell. I am not a strong believer in a deity (God, though I wouldn’t go so far as to call myself an atheist. I am not inclined to think there is a reality beyond what I register with my five senses. If there is, I have no real idea what that might be like. I am certainly not in touch with it and wouldn’t know how to talk about it.

Forgiveness to me means making a conscious decision to let bygones be bygones. I think life can be understood and explained by science and by logical reasoning. The theory of evolution makes perfect sense to me and that means life has no meaning beyond that idea that we have evolved from a primeval soup, more or less accidentally. My purpose in life has been to live it fully, earn good money, raise a family and make life as secure as possible because life can be hard, relentless, chaotic, and randomly organized. Life is just a string of random events that happen by chance and I have to respond in the best way I know-how.


2. My spirituality and my worldview come directly from my religious beliefs. I tend to see the world in terms of a continual struggle between good and evil. I believe that evil does exist and it is my job to stay vigilante and defend against the ever-present danger of evil (Satan) coming into my life. God made this world and He made me as well. He remains in heaven but is always watching and judging me harshly for having committed the original sin. When I die, I hope He will judge me kindly, though, and I will go to heaven. If I don’t live a good life I will go to hell. I believe in being kind to others but I believe forgiveness is not ours to bestow. All we can do is ask God (Jesus) to do it on our behalf, so in my opinion, forgiveness is prayer and ultimately, should the prayer be answered, Grace.

I believe that life is a matter of following the laws laid down by God. I don’t think science has the answers to life and I think the answer to all my problems is prayer. I think my purpose on this planet is to be good, to be kind and to serve the Lord. Life is cruel and nasty and that suffering is the result of sin – a kind of punishment and a way of atonement.


3. I am somewhat open to spiritual ideas and find them intellectually interesting, but I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a very spiritual person. Nor would I see me as being very religious. I do think there is a spiritual side to life and a higher intelligence operating in my life, but I have no idea what that might be. I think the ordinary concept of God is far too simplistic but I don’t have an alternative. I don’t think about it much. I just get on with my life.

I am scientifically oriented and rational-minded. My approach to life is practical, secular, and very much grounded in everyday reality. It is my duty to do what I can to make life meaningful and beneficial not just to myself but to others too. I am concerned about the environment and social issues. Beyond that, life is about becoming educated, earning good money, raising a family, and making life as secure as possible because life can be hard and unforgiving. Life is just a string of random events that give me the chance to learn about myself.


4. I see life as a mystery, not so much to be understood and figured out, but to be experienced as fully as possible. I think the most spiritual people are the ones who are most human. I am very open to the idea that there is more than one reality. There is at least this physical reality that we inhabit bodily every day, but I am also very open to the idea that there is another reality that we cannot see which we might call the spiritual reality. I don’t think anyone really knows what that reality is, but when I open my eyes fully and feel into my gut, I sense evidence enough that such a reality exists. And I am comfortable with that. I have my own way of connecting with that reality and expressing my spirituality (e.g. organized religion, being a member of like-minded groups, meditation, retreats, healing, praying, chanting, etc.) and I am happy with this. Forgiveness to me is done by extending compassion to the other person and seeing him or her as an imperfect human being just like me and everyone else.

I have my feet firmly on the ground and yet still have a hard time trusting life. I’m not sure what I believe but I feel intuitively that life is more than just earning money, owning more things, and raising a family.

5. I am a spiritual being having a human experience. By that, I mean that I have chosen to come to planet Earth in order to learn lessons and evolve spiritually. This is the school and life is the curriculum. What happens during my life are my lessons. I had made agreements with souls prior to my incarnation that they would do things not so much too me, though it will feel that way while I am in a body, but FOR me. I also enroll others while I’m here to give me opportunities to learn. They look like my enemies, but I see them as my healing angels. That’s how I see forgiveness — that everything that happens occurs for a spiritual purpose and that, while we remain accountable for what we do in the human world, in purely spiritual terms nothing wrong ever happens.

I am aware of being in two realities simultaneously. I am still predominantly living in the world of humanity and feel very much grounded in the experience of being human, but at the same time, I am very much conscious of my connection to Spirit and have a strong sense of why I am here. I am comfortable with myself and am confident that life is supportive of me in general and is giving me lots of opportunities to learn and grow. Everything that happens is meant to happen the way it does for my soul’s growth. There are no accidents.


6. I am totally into metaphysics and I see myself now as a very spiritual person. One of the ways I see our life on this planet is being on the wheel of Karma, reincarnating over and over, lifetime after lifetime, learning lessons, balancing energies, and evolving spiritually until one reaches completion. I am in touch with the spiritual realm and receive guidance from that side of the veil. I have several spirit guides and I talk with angels a lot. I believe that we human beings are all part of the Godhead, our purpose for our life being to assist God in expanding His/Her consciousness and eventually to co-create Heaven on Earth. As far as forgiveness is concerned, I am certain in my own mind that everything is in perfect Divine order and that there is nothing to forgive.

I am able to live in both realities at the same time and am grounded in both. I embrace life and know what my purpose is in living this life. I am willing to feel my feelings fully whenever something upsetting occurs and then moves through it quickly. I still use Radical Forgiveness worksheets to keep my energy field clear of things that might lower my vibration, such as resentment, jealousy, guilt, and shame. I am willing to feel them but not to keep them. I can manifest what I need when I need it.


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