5. The Person I Have Become: as a result of…

‘The person you have become’ is a direct result of trying to please others, survive, gain acceptance and be OK. It is a combination of everything you have ever been told or felt by how someone is treating you over the years that has built up a wall of feelings and emotions. These feelings and emotions have caused you to shut down parts of yourself and caused you to dislike and sometimes event HATE parts of yourself that you thought needed changing as a result of.

Following our previous example, you have now become that quiet, shy and self-conscious person who hides their beautiful nose in public and in photos and doesn’t speak their mind when they really want to. All because someone said you had a ‘big’ nose and that you were too loud. Again, we would like to remind you that this is a simple and top-line example and that many of these traits and behaviors dive much deeper than physical features or volume of voice.

Think about who you were before these major instances and experiences in your life and ask yourself…

  • Who Am I now vs back then?
  • How much have you changed as a result of these experiences?
  • Who have you become?
  • Do you like the person you have become?

Remember, that changing as a result of these experiences does not always result in you not liking the person you have become. Sometimes these things mould us into the person we wanted to be all along, but just needed a little push.

You will soon be taking a quiz in which you will be asked to check some boxes which reflect how you think others see you.

This quiz is in Module 7 so keep going for now!