4. My Disowned Selves: The parts of me I hate

‘My Disowned Selves’ represent the parts about yourself that you dislike or sometimes even hate. Just like we can change who we are based on internal and external experiences, we can also sometimes feel a disliking to or event sometimes hatred towards ourselves based on these experiences.


Perhaps after that kid you that your nose was ‘big’ you not only changed from being quite confident to self-conscious but you also grew a severe disliking to your nose and maybe even other facial features. Perhaps you started hating the fact that you can be too loud and became hard on yourself when you spoke over a certain volume. Again, these are just following on from the very top line examples mentioned in the previous module but it’s simple examples like these to try help you understand what we mean when we say “The parts of me I hate”


Start thinking about and perhaps even write down some of the things about yourself (physical and emotional) that you have started disliking or hating over the years. Sometimes these aspects of ourselves have arise due to other external experiences and we don’t know until we address them. Addressing the things you don’t like about yourself can be extremely emotional and challenging but you have got this! Remember, this is not about drawing attention to ‘toxic’ behaviors within yourself but rather learning to love and accept yourself for all the features and behaviors and learning about improvement as opposed to hatred and total shut down.


You will soon be taking a quiz in which you will be asked to check some boxes which reflect the parts of you that you hate. This quiz is in Module 7 so keep going for now!