3. My Lost Self: The parts I have shut down

‘My Lost Self’ resembles the parts of you that you feel you have shut down as a direct result of how you think others feel about you (covered in the previous module). The same way we are influenced by what others do or say, we are also heavily influenced by what they do or say about us.

Perhaps someone said you had a ‘big nose’ when you were younger and it forced you to shut down that part of yourself that was confident in your facial features. Similarly, perhaps someone told you that you are too loud at work and it caused you to shut down that part of yourself which you are so used to being so on and so forth.

This eventually has a long-term impact on the person you become as what once was a confident and extroverted person not afraid to speak their mind has now become a self-conscious and shy person who would rather be quiet than speak their mind. Of course these are simply top-line examples of how you could shut parts of yourself down in life, based on your experiences with other people and circumstances.

A lot of what we shut down about ourselves can also come from within, deeply rooted things we say or think about ourselves that are not necessarily triggered by something someone said or did, but rather the voice inside our head that said and did these things.

We urge you to have a think about some of the parts of yourself which you may have shut down due to internal or external influences.

You will soon be taking a quiz in which you will be asked to check some boxes which reflect the parts of you that you have shut down. This quiz is in Module 7 so keep going for now!