2. My Inferred Self: How I think others see me

The Inferred Self is what we may have become in order to be accepted.

We are all human and a big part of being human is having to learn to live with other humans who might look, think or act differently to ourselves. We start learning this at a very young age, from the moment you start interacting with your parents and doing things similarly to the way they do things and then onto pre-school and taking on (mirroring) something your friend or teacher might be doing or saying.

As we grow, we are influenced by more and more things and people who eventually start to mould us and alter us from the person we were. This is not always a bad thing but it can sometimes have negative effects on the person we want to become.

In Module 7, you will be taking a quiz in which you will be asked to check some boxes which reflect how you think others see you. In the meantime, have a think about how circumstances and people in your life have impacted or changed the person you are today vs the person you were a few years ago or when you were young. Think about whether you feel positively or negatively towards this person you have become, and try to envision the person you actually want to be. The person you want to be might be the person you are now but if it’s not, think about future YOU and how you can mould yourself into being the person you truly feel you are.