13 Steps to Radical Transformation

13 Steps to Radical Transformation

1. Describe what is happening in the world out there that is upsetting to you.

2. Become aware of the judgments you have about it, and the ‘knee-jerk’ reactions that immediately came to mind when you first heard about it.

3. Become aware of the feelings you have about this. Point to the place in your body where the feelings
seem to be located.

4. Do you realize that your upset may a direct reflection of something that needs to be healed within you and that, even if you cannot see it yet, there may be a healing message contained in the situation?

5. Are you willing to see that what is occurring ‘out there’ is a reflection of yours and everyone else’s consciousness at this time, and that this may be an opportunity for us all to move beyond the illusion and shift our perception of what is real?

6. Can you be open to the idea that this situation is totally purposeful in the grand scheme of things and that what you judge about the situation and find unacceptable is exactly what is called for in the Divine Plan?

7. Are you willing to release your need to judge the situation as right or wrong, good or bad? Even if you cannot explain how or why, can you simply allow the situation to be perfect just the way it is?

9. If this situation is causing people and animals to be hurt, killed or to suffer in some way, while you feel empathy and compassion for them, can you be open the idea that their own spiritual journey including having this experience and is, or was, in that sense, perfect for them and all part of their own divine plan?

10. Are you able to feel a sense of gratitude towards those who appear to be suffering in this situation for being willing to choose this situation so that we might be forced to learn and grow, wake up and raise our level of awareness?

11. Are you willing to see this situation as an opportunity to choose Love — and to send Love?

12. If there is an opportunity to offer practical help in order to alleviate the pain and suffering, are you willing to do so with your consciousness focused exclusively on peace and Love?

13. Nod your head Yes when the feelings you had at the beginning have begun to subside and that you are now beginning to feel the Divine love behind the apparent situation. Then listen to the Radical Forgiveness Invocation to complete the process:

The Radical Forgiveness Invocation
May we all stand firm in the knowledge and comfort that all things are now, have always been and forever will be in divine order, unfolding according to a divine plan.

And may we truly surrender to this truth whether we understand it or not. May we also ask for support in consciousness in feeling our connection with the divine part of us, with everyone and with everything, so we can truly say and feel — we are ONE.