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The purpose of the course is to do a little self-reflection on your life. Who you were then and who you are now as a result of people/things that have impacted your perception of yourself over the years. We will be having a look at your dreams and why you are not currently living them as well as some of the parts of yourself you have either lost or disowned.

This course aims to open your mind to aspects of yourself and your life journey that may not always be so clear in the foggy mind but do become clearer when put on ‘paper’ and can be seen in front of you.

We hope you find this self-reflection work as valuable as so many others have over the years of Radical Forgiveness’ existence and we are here should you need us throughout your course journey. Just contact us at support@radicalforgiveness.com should you have any queries about the completion of this course. Please note that the majority of this course is comprised of taking quiz’s as the course’s main focus is on your self-reflection but we are here to assist wherever needed.

Now, without further adieu… Its time to get started

Best of luck!